Concealed Carry Classes

The commitment to carrying a concealed weapon is a critical one.
Read below, and find out the easiest way to get going.

Concealed Carry Classes

If you are relatively new to the concept of being an armed citizen, you may wonder why concealed carry is such a big deal. Concealed carry provides the backbone of personal defense. Having a firearm on your person gives you a force multiplier to protect yourself. Being able to conceal a firearm allows you to carry without attracting undue attention. If you ever do find yourself in a defensive situation, having a concealed firearm also lends an element of surprise, that works in your favor.

In order to carry concealed, most states in the U.S. require that you have a state-issued permit. The requirements differ by state, but frequently the permitting process requires an application, fee(s), and successful completion of one of the state’s approved concealed carry classes.

Online Concealed Carry Classes – Good Or Bad Idea?

My knee-jerk reaction to seeing an online CCW class was negative, thinking about how many irresponsible people could skate through these classes undetected, and still get a passing certificate.

After thinking it over some more though, there really isn’t any kind of firearms training included in a concealed carry course, even if you take it in person. So it really doesn’t seem like there’s any harm in doing your classes over the internet.

After successfully passing a test at the conclusion of the online concealed carry class, graduates can download and print off a “certificate of completion”, which can then be used in applying for their state’s concealed carry permit.

Online concealed carry classes offer a convenient alternative to in-person classes. They can be done from the privacy of your own home, and at any time of the day or night. In some cases, online concealed carry classes may end up being a hair cheaper too.

Whereas defensive firearms training is significantly better in-person, there really isn’t a major disadvantage to taking a concealed carry class online. In general, concealed carry classes primarily cover the rules and legal implications of carrying a concealed weapon in your state. This is critical information to know and understand, but really doesn’t change if you are absorbing it in person, or over your laptop.

We support online concealed carry education, and recommend it to people looking to take this important step in their life, especially if you have already taken defensive firearms training classes, or have otherwise had significant hands-on experience with firearms. If for some reason you are taking a concealed carry class before you’ve ever really handled firearms, than the additional in-person exposure that comes with an in-person class is probably a good idea.