Concealed Carry Holsters

A concealed weapon needs to be both secure and accessible.
Find out what the best holster is for your situation.

Concealed Carry Holsters

Concealed carry holsters come in a variety of styles and sizes. If you have made the commitment to carrying a weapon concealed, and have been approved through the permitting process, the chances are, you’ve already thought a little bit about this critical component of being an armed citizen. If not, it’s ok. We’ve put together this brief page to give you an idea of some of the best concealed carry holster options out there.

Best IWB Holster

In our opinion, the best option is an IWB holster (or, inside the waistband holster). If you’re not familiar with this expression, it is basically referring to a holster that sits on your waist, inside your pants, so that it’s not visible. You can find IWB holsters that are made to be worn directly on your hip, slightly behind your hip (wrapping around your back), in the small of your back, or right in front of your appendix.

The IWB holster is the sweetspot between security and accessiblity (the same concepts we talk about with choosing the best gun safe for your situation). They are made in kydex, leather, and several other materials, and because they can be configured in so many different positions, you can usually find something that is extremely comfortable for you. This is extremely important when you have made the commitment to carry a concealed weapon. If it’s not comfortable, you will not wear it.

Shoulder Holster

A shoulder holster is more conspicuous than an IWB holster, but still a great option. Many people wear these when they are required to wear a suit for work (like you see frequently in movies), or just in general wear jackets frequently. Because the material of suit pants is so flimsy, it’s much more easy to spot a firearm carried in an inside the waistband holster.

On the other hand, shoulder holsters are made to carry the firearm directly under the armpit, so with a jacket on, it’s completely concealed. A leather shoulder holster in particular is extremely comfortable, and they are available for pretty much every make and model of firearm.

Ankle Holster

An ankle holster does just what it sounds like it does. It secures your firearm on your ankle. The ankle is not an ideal spot to carry, because it is more prone to being kicked, bumped, having stuff drop on it, or becoming exposed.

They also put your firearm at a farther reach, and potentially less acessible. Nevertheless, ankle holsters still do a great job, and provide another solid option in cases where an inside the waistband holster won’t work.

Ankle holsters are frequently used when pants might be too form-fitting to properly conceal a firearm in an IWB holster. Some people actually carry 2 firearms, and will use an ankle holster in addition to one inside the waistband.

Concealed Carry Purse

A concealed carry purse is our least favorite option, for one obvious reason–the purse is not attached to your body. This means that you can be separated from it, which presents a significant security risk.

Nevertheless, for some people (women in particular), a concealed carry purse is the only realistic option available. Being an armed citizen means that you have decided to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. If you have decided that purse carry is the best way to go for you, then we support it. Just recognize that there are some added security concerns inherent. For our complete recommendations, see: “Is a Concealed Carry Purse Right For You?