Concealed Carry Purses

Concealed carry purses have some limitations, but are still a solid option.
Find out if they make sense for you, and which one is best.

Is A Concealed Carry Purse A Good Idea For You?

If you’re considering a concealed carry purse, then we’re assuming you have already received your concealed carry permit (if you haven’t, you should start by checking out a concealed carry class). If this is the case, then by now you have probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about the importance of safe and proper storage of your firearm. This applies to both how you secure your firearm at home, and on your person.

In this light, it’s important to consider that a concealed carry purse does come with some drawbacks. Because you are carrying your gun in a purse, then right off the bat, it’s less secure because it isn’t attached to you (as it would be with other holster styles).

Think of all the places that purses get left. On the kitchen table, next to the bed, the stairs, in the car. Think of all the times that purses get lost, and you have to go on a hunt to find them. Purses are stolen, they can be ripped away, they are accidentally forgotten at restaurants and bars, and a hundred other things. Because purses double as a fashion accessory, it’s also less common for a purse to be an “everyday purse.” Instead, a purse is frequently part of a fleet of purses, that get swapped, and used interchangeably depending on the occasion.

In addition to the safety aspect of the possibility of being separated from your firearm, it’s also less accessible when you might need it.

Why A Concealed Carry Purse Still Makes Sense

All these scenarios and more make “purse carry” a less-desirable option. Even considering all this, a concealed carry purse may still be you best option. If you have thought through your situation, and feel like you can still be safe and responsible, than we support and encourage you in it.

With this in mind, what kind of firearm will you be carrying? You can find purse holsters for virtually any make and model, but you should actually have your gun first, so you can fit your purse to that.

It’s also important to consider how often you will be using your concealed carry purse. Will it only be occasionally? Will it be every single day? Perhaps you will be carrying in another holster the majority of the time, but would just like to have a purse holster as a backup.

Concealed Carry Purse Insert

The option of a concealed carry purse insert allows you to use (almost) any purse that you already have, and simply slip the insert in. Inserts are also great if you think that you will be carrying your firearm in different purses.

Obviously, you will still need to make sure that the insert fits inside the purse or handbag that you are planning to use, should you choose this option.

Once you have your concealed carry purse or insert. You should do some training with it, practicing how you will carry, drawing from it, etc. Be careful, keeping yourself and those around you safe is the first priority.

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